Before you Google benign fasciculation syndrome, please, allow to me to briefly describe the benign fasciculation process.

It goes a little something like this, one day your finger begins to twitch (fasciculate) ever so slightly. Initially, you don’t pay much attention to it.  You write it off to dehydration or a lack of potassium.

Weeks later, you notice the twitch has become more pronounced and it seems to be accompanied overall stiffness in that hand .  In fact, let’s go a step farther, you may even wake up one morning with “the claw” hand. Essentially a state of parasthesia whereby your entire hand goes impossibly stiff, thus rendering it useless for a few minutes.

Months later, after countless Google searches for symptoms of ALS, Parkinsons and MS you make an appointment with a neurologist (brain doctor).  There at the appointment you wait for what seems an eternity in the waiting room.  By the time the doctor has arrived you are in full on panic mode.  He/she will administers number of harrowing clinical and electromagnetic tests you are told you have a condition named benign fasciculation syndrome.

Years later, the twitching has progressed to your feet, your shoulders, your tongue?!

What is that you ask? No one really knows. It is a diagnosis made in the absence of a diagnosis.

So, one day you decide to start a blog, to write about your life less ordinary.

It seems you have found mine.




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